HIV Care Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART)

Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART)

The advent and increased uptake of ART have helped in turning the tide in favor of HIV/ AIDS infected individuals who are now assured of a prolonged and good quality life. However, costs of medicines are not always affordable and may be a major deterrent in seeking and adhering to treatment in the private health care sector. Since the advent of ART, Prayas has been providing ART with efforts to make it affordable.
To facilitate affordable ART, Prayas has initiated Childcare Program and SAKAV Program.

ART is provided by Prayas Health Group at highly subsidized cost through both the programs.

Adherence and regular follow up are crucial issues in ART. At Prayas, adherence is monitored at multiple check points such as clinical, counseling and pharmacist’s stage and feedback is provided to each other. Adherence monitoring is facilitated by specially designed software.

Childcare Program – Initiative to provide free/ low-cost ART to HIV infected children
The Childcare Program was initiated when financially constrained HIV-infected mothers on ART were seen giving up their own medicines in order to provide treatment to their children. This difficult choice and sacrifice made by the mothers motivated us to act. Prayas decided to pitch in by bearing part/full treatment cost for the child, so that the family could continue with treatment.
This is a cause dearest to our collective hearts; we entirely depend on internal resources and fund-raising to sustain this project.

SAKAV Program – In order to bridge the gap between the demand and provision of comprehensive care at affordable cost; Prayas initiated its ‘SAKAV’ program (‘SAKAV’ in Marathi means a small bridge). 
SAKAV is a self sustaining program under which every patient receives medicines at rates much lower than in the market. Surplus from the affording patients is used to offset costs for those with very low incomes.

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