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एच.आय.व्ही./एड्स विषयी हे आपल्याला माहीत हवं ! (HIV/AIDS Vishayee He Apalyala Mahit Hava) (Marathi) – A booklet giving general information about HIV. This book has been widely distributed.  Around 1.25 lakh copies of an abridged version have been distributed. This book named वाचा तर वाचाल meaning ‘you will survive (from HIV) if you read’ was adopted by Yashwantrao Chavan Mukta Vidyapeeth. 
Author: Prayas Health Group
Year of Publication: First Edition: 1995, Second Edition: 1999, Third Edition: 2002, Forth Edition: 2007, Fifth Edition:2016 (Download)

 pediatric handbook Management of pediatric HIV, a physician’s handbook (English) Download
A ready reckoner for physicians who want to manage pediatric HIV.
Author: Dr. Vinay Kulkarni, Dr. Ritu Parchure, Dr. Gayatri Bhide and Dr. Sanjeevani Kulkarni
Year of Publication: 2009
coverdr h HIV/AIDS: Diagnosis and Management: A Physician’s Handbook (English) (Out of Print) Download
A handbook for physicians about HIV diagnosis and management.
Edited by: Dr. Vinay Kulkarni
Year of Publication: 1999
 coverwn HIV Disease in Pregnant Women and Neonates: A Manual for PMTCT Programs (English) (Out of Print)
A book for physicians implementing a PMTCT program.
Author: Prayas Health Group
Year of Publication: 2002
सुरक्षित गरोदरपण आणि सुखरूप बाळंतपण (Surakshit Garodarpan aani Sukharoop Balantpan) (Marathi) – A booklet on antenatal care prepared by Lokvidnyan Sanghatana and adopted by Prayas. This was widely used in our PMTCT program.

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