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Film on Cervical Cancer Prevention (10 min) - Film 1:

Short film on Cervical Cancer Prevention (4 min) - Film 2:

 So What! Transitioning Positively

 “Conducting a positive delivery” -Conducting a positive delivery 1 - Conducting a positive delivery 2


Conducting positive delivery


A film on conducting deliveries of HIV positive women  

This film is prepared for medical personnel’s and discusses issues related to conducting deliveries of HIV positive women. It is based on interviews with doctors who do conduct delivery of HIV infected women. It also contains dos and don’ts while conducting a positive delivery and about universal precautions while providing clinical care.

Dhusar (Blur: Improvising Disclosure)(Marathi with English subtitles) A film on issue of disclosure to HIV infected children. - Blur - Part 1 (धूसर - भाग 1) - Blur - Part 2 (धूसर - भाग २) - Blur - Part 3 (धूसर - भाग ३) - Blur - Part 4 (धूसर - भाग ४)

 A film of Universal Precautions

A film for medical and paramedical personnel about ‘Universal Precautions’ to be taken while providing medical care to individuals to reduce the risk of contracting any disease. - Film Rugna Sewa Detana Mi Surakshit Ahe Ka                                                                       - AM I AT RISK

Chandrapurchya Junglat..?
Chandrapurcha Jangalat..? (Marathi): This is a film based on a play by the same name (translated from original play-Are there tigers in Congo?). In this film two playwrights are attempting to write a humorous play based on the theme of HIV and in the process unfold various aspects of human relationships. - Chandrapurachya Jangalat / चंद्रपूरच्या जंगलात 

A Film on How to use Female Condom

 "एचआयव्ही आटोक्यात आणताना, नव्या वाटा, नव्या दिशा ...".

 " एचआयव्ही आणि कायदा : एचआयव्हीसंदर्भातील कायद्यातल्या तरतुदी ".

एचआयव्ही आणि लग्न



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