Trainings & Workshops

Trainings & Workshops

Lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS and prevalent misconceptions were the major challenges at the beginning of the HIV epidemic. Dr. Vinay and Sanjeevani started conducting awareness programs for different sections of the community.
To aid these training sessions, a comprehensive slide show about the disease was prepared. This tool proved to be extremely effective and was widely used by various animators. The slide show explained the facts about HIV with gender sensitivity and understanding. In 1999, this slide show was translated in 11 regional languages across India. 
As the epidemic evolved, professionals at Prayas as well as other organizations, started coming across diverse issues, which would require training.
Over the years Prayas has developed its expertise and conducted various training program for health care professionals as well as the communities. Presentations, pictures, games, group discussions, role-plays, quiz are some of the techniques used while conducting training. These programs are innovative and participatory in nature.
The following list shows the training programs designed and conducted by Prayas. New programs according to specific requirement could also be developed.

For general populations

  • Basics of HIV.
  • Fear of contamination.
  • Stigma reduction.
  • Mother to child transmission of HIV and its prevention.

For medical and paramedical professionals

  • Basics of HIV.
  • Epidemiology of HIV.
  • Diagnosis, Management and Care of HIV infected individuals.
  • Pediatric HIV.
  • Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and its prevention.
  • Universal Precautions to avoid infection while providing care.
  • Counseling and disclosure to patients
  • Cervical cancer screening using visual screening methods and treatment of CIN for doctors and nurses

For counselors and health care providers

  • Basics of HIV
  • Pre and post HIV test counseling
  • Antenatal counseling
  • Mother to child transmission of HIV and its prevention
  • PMTCT program counseling
  • Safe sex counseling
  • Disclosure to HIV infected individuals
  • Pediatric disclosure
  • Positive parenting

For HIV infected individuals

  • Basics of HIV.
  • Mother to child transmission of HIV and its prevention.
  • Safe sex practices.
  • Disclosure to children.

For HIV infected children

  • Understanding HIV.
  • Sexuality education for adolescents.







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