Ashok Sreenivas

ashokName: Ashok Sreenivas
Designation: Senior Fellow
Research Area:
Energy policy, climate change, fossil fuels
Description: Ashok believes that analysis-based rational decision making and governance institutions that are transparent and accountable by design, are the key to addressing the governance deficit in the country. At Prayas, he tries to contribute to this cause in the areas of energy policy and fossil fuels sectors. He has also been associated with Parisar, a group working towards sustainable solutions for urban transport. Prior to this, he spent about 18 years in applied computer science research. He would like to hike, read, play and follow football, travel, and solve crosswords much more than he actually does.
B. Tech. (Computer Science), IIT Bombay, 1987
Ph. D. (Computer Science), IIT Bombay, 1998