Ashwin Gambhir

Name: Ashwin Gambhir
Designation: Fellow
Research Area: Renewable Energy, Climate Change
Description: Ashwin Gambhir is a Senior Research Associate at Prayas Energy Group and has been working on renewable energy policy and regulatory issues and on Indian climate policy, especially with regard to energy emissions. He also has a keen interest in rural energy, energy economics, energy externalities, depletion of fossil energy reserves and the social and environmental sustainability of energy systems and their interaction with society. Before joining Prayas, he was working on the economics and policy instruments of renewable energy systems and on quantifying subsidies of conventional power generation in India. He recently lived on a farm near Pune and experimented with natural farming in line with his larger interest in ecology and sustainability.
B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, University of Pune in 2002
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a specialization in wind energy in 2005.