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Other Issues: November-2000 to April-2001

Author(s): Prayas (Energy Group) Publication Date: April, 2001

Prayas has participated in several other petitions as consumer representative. Some of the important submissions / presentations to MERC are included here.

Mr. Paranjpe, a consumer, filled a petition challenging MSEB's load shedding. It argued that since MSEB generation plants are not run properly, it needs to run DPC plant and also carry out load shedding. Prayas did a analysis of the hourly load data, generation data and the claimed load shedding. Prayas submission [see below] argues that load shedding information is not realistic and availability of coal plants can be increased if coal quality is improved by blending (imported) better quality coal to Indian coal.

MSEB approached MERC for approval of the 'Fuel & Other Cost Adjustment' (FOCA) formula that can be treated as a pass through - without recurring permission of MERC. Prayas made a submission on MSEB proposal. Prayas submission [see below] (7th March 2001) deals with methodology, and specifics of calculations submitted by MSEB. MSEB re-submitted the proposal and the calculations. Prayas letter [see below] on 11th April 2001 points out the error in MSEB calculations and requests MERC to direct utilities to submit computer worksheets / models along with petitions.
In October 2000, Prayas developed a mathematical model capable of doing a forecast of MSEB finances and consumer tariffs. This model clearly shows that the IPP costs are the key tariff drivers. The model and its results were presented to the commission [see below] on 1st November 2000. Such model is extremely helpful in separating the key parameters from the other relatively less important factors.

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