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Renewable Energy Tariff and Financial Analysis Tool

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Author(s): Srihari Dukkipati, Ashwin Gambhir Publication Date: April, 2012

{jcomments off}Electricity Regulatory Commissions in India determine feed-in-tariffs for different renewable energy technologies. This Excel-based tool provides a convenient way to perform tariff calculations based on Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Terms and Conditions for Tariff determination from Renewable Energy Sources) Regulations, 2012. The tool takes user input on up to 43 variables that are used to determine the tariff and internal rate of return (IRR) for a particular technology. The tool also allows for sensitivity analysis in which the user can vary a few select inputs and observe graphically how the variation affects the tariff.The tool can be used by anyone who wishes to study the financial aspects of a renewable energy project including but not limited to civil society groups, regulators, project developers, financiers and policy analysts. Some knowledge of renewable energy and financial terminology is useful to make best use of the tool. The renewable technologies presently supported are Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal, Wind, Small Hydro, Biogas, Bagasse Cogeneration, Biomass Gasifier and Biomass Rankine Cycle. The tool is written in
Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

This Microsoft Excel 2003 based tool works with Microsoft Windows XP and above and needs minimum RAM of 512 MB. The detailed instructions for using the tool are outlined in the user guide. The tool and the user guide can be downloaded below.

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