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SEEP Guidebook

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Author(s): Aditya Chunekar, Daljit Singh Publication Date: December, 2013

The guidebook provides a framework for policy-makers in different countries to conceptualize, design and implement innovative programs to accelerate market transformation to super-efficient equipment and appliances (SEE). SEE are commercially feasible equipment and appliances significantly more efficient than those available in local markets. The framework is based on the experience of developing a program called Super-Efficient Equipment Program (SEEP) in India. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has initiated SEEP for ceiling fans in India. The core idea of SEEP is to provide financial incentives to manufacturers so that they can develop, produce and sell super-efficient equipment and appliances (SEE) at prices comparable to an average appliance. The guidebook is not meant to be a strict rule-book but more of a template to develop a SEEP like program in different countries, particularly, developing countries with similar political and institutional mechanisms as in India. The actual development of the program in a specific country will be influenced by a number of local factors.

An advanced draft version of this guidebook was released at Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM4) at New Delhi on 18th April 2013. 

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