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The individual efforts of Dr. Vinay and Dr. Sanjeevani Kulkarni around the issue of HIV/AIDS started in 1986. Prayas Health Group was formally launched in 1994 as an organization working in the field of HIV/AIDS. We work with children, adolescents as well as adults including pregnant women with HIV/AIDS belonging to all strata of society. The first HIV-infected person was treated at our clinic in 1989. We have been witness to the history and evolution of the HIV epidemic in India since beginning. As the epidemic unfolded, activities like awareness-building, interventions for prevention, research, advocacy, and training were initiated to address various aspects of HIV. 

We believe that if equipped with adequate information, sound analysis and necessary skills, even disadvantaged sections of society can tackle their problems and shape their own future.

With an aim to provide comprehensive care, counseling, and treatment under one roof, Prayas Health Group has an in-house clinic (Amrita Clinic), a counseling center, a laboratory and ART services. We also have an information center, a research unit, and intervention team. Developing creative and reader-friendly educational material has been strength of Prayas. Prayas means determined action in a defined direction – and it is our unwavering resolve to do the same!  




Youth In Transition Report

This report contains the findings of our research study, 'Youth in  Transition' (YIT). YIT study is a life course research conducted among never married young adults  living in Pune to understand how relationships and sexual behaviors evolve over a  period as young people navigate through different social roles from adolescence to  adulthood. 

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The report reviews heat health literature from India and discusses key knowledge gaps in building flexible, locally responsive, and community-centric adaptive responses to reduce heat-health impacts.

For description of reviewed studies, see Appendices.



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