HIV Care

HIV Care

HIV has been associated with very high morbidity and mortality. In the last decade, with wider availability of anti-retroviral therapy (ART), HIV/AIDS has progressed from being a life-threatening disease to a chronic medically manageable disease. An HIV-infected individual faces several challenges through the long course of disease, – from the dynamic nature of infection, the financial costs associated with treatment, the psychological burden of coping with the disease and the social issues and stigma associated with HIV. Treatment needs to be comprehensive to address these complex facets of the disease.

At Prayas Health Group we provide comprehensive care addressing all aspects of the disease.

Comprehensive management of HIV needs a team effort.

HIV care at Prayas is provided by a team of well-trained physicians, with the backup of well equipped laboratory, provision of Anti-retroviral Therapy (ART)  and the Counseling Center.

At Prayas, no patient is denied care for inability to afford treatment. All services are available at highly subsidized rates.

Every effort is made to keep the costs to patients to the minimum and directed towards reaching the lowest common denominator. Free HIV/AIDS counseling is available to everyone through our counseling center.

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