Ongoing Research Crucial Transitions

Crucial Transitions

A life course perspective on reproductive career of women with HIV in Maharashtra, India

About the research
The objective of proposed research is to study reproductive health issues of HIV infected women in Maharashtra, India. This will be studied by analyzing the reproductive career of HIV infected women, and the biological and behavioral factors influencing the occurrence and timing of these events. The study will focus on issues such as fertility desires of HIV infected women, occurrence of pregnancies after realization of HIV status, induced abortions and unmet need for contraception among HIV infected women in Maharashtra.

Research questions

  1. What is the reproductive span for HIV infected women? What factors determine the length of reproductive span of HIV infected women? Is the effective or social reproductive span changing over time? 
  2. Understanding transition of HIV infected women to ‘positive parenthood’ 
    a. Is the profile of women who became pregnant after knowing about their HIV status different than the women who did not become pregnant?
    b. Are the pregnancy rate after the woman is aware about her HIV status and the duration from HIV diagnosis to first conception changing over a period of time?
  3. What are the fertility desires (family size, gender composition etc) of HIV infected women? Is woman’s desire to have child related to her knowledge about PMTCT? 

Study setting : Prayas Amrita Clinic, Pune

Study participants : HIV infected women between the age of 18 - 45 years availing care from Prayas

Type of research : Cross sectional quantitative study using life course and event history methodology (PhD research)

Study investigator/coordinator at Prayas : Dr. Shrinivas Darak ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Supervisors (Academic) : Professor Inge Hutter and Dr Fanny Janssen

Supervisors (Local) : Dr Sanjeevani Kulkarni (Prayas, Pune)

Financial Support : Population Research Centre, Department of Demography, University of Groningen, The Netherlands & Eric Bleumink Fund, University of Groningen, The Netherlands 

Period : 2008-2013


Prayas-Amrita Clinic, Athawale Corner, Karve Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune - 411 004, Maharashtra, India.
Tel.: 8605882649 / 8087015726  E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.