Bhavishya Project

Bhavishya Project

Bhavishya aims at improvement of the health and wellbeing of children and their families affected by HIV and to make their future (Bhavishya) brighter.

Bhavishya - funded by Keep a Child Alive (KCA), a US based organization.

This is the third year of implementation of the Bhavishya project by Prayas Health Group.

In the first two years, PHG partnered with two organizations; Sahara Aalhad working at Wagholi and Yerawada (suburbs of Pune) and Sahasee, to implement this project. The activities undertaken in those years  were basically for improving the quality of care and support systems provided to HIV infected children and adults at Sahara Aalhad.

Specific activities undertaken by Prayas in last two years through the Bhavishya Project

1. Improving the quality pediatric outpatient care to HIV infected children referred by Sahara Aalhad.

2. Providing quality inpatient care to HIV infected children needing critical care identified and referred by Sahara Aalhad at Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital under the supervision of Dr. Vinay Kulkarni.

3. Mentoring and capacity building of the clinical staff and counselors, out-reach workers, in providing clinical care to  HIV infected children, and promoting a child friendly approach at their care centers.

4. Provision of viral load testing for PLHIV including children.

5. Provision of cervical cancer screening services to women living with HIV.

6. Training of Sahara Aalhad staff for undertaking cervical cancer screening services.

4. Capacity building of guardians of HIV infected children regarding series of issues starting from early infant diagnosis to planning of future of CLHIV.

5. Organizing ‘Growing up and transitioning to adulthood’ (GUWHATTA) workshops for HIV infected adolescents.

6. A “Plus one” workshop for participants of GUWHATTA workshops, along with one of their friends or family members of the same age group.

7. Annual meets for the ALHIVs who participated in the GUWHATTA workshops.

8.  Developing IEC, referral directory, checklist of child friendly practices for the Sahara Aalhad staff

9. Explore the possibility of building advocacy around the issue of rehabilitation of institutionalized children living with HIV in need of care and protection. This would include talking with pre-existing structures, systems (Ministry of Women and Child Development (DWCD), Child Welfare Committee (CWC)) and organizations involved, organizing meeting with different stakeholders and making this issue visible by creating networks, working with the systems and publicity.

In the current year Prayas health group will be working for improving lives of the CLHIV staying in institutions.

Activities  being  undertaken during the current year:

Through previous year’s advocacy effort, contact was established with children homes caring CLHIV across Maharashtra.

During this year -

  1. 22 children homes for CLHIV were contacted. An alliance workshop was organized wherein 16 of these children homes participated. The objective of the workshop was to understand the issues and concerns faced by these children homes, build their perspective towards improving the quality of life of CLHIV living in their institutions, discuss options regarding rehabilitation of CLHIV post 18 years of age, establish the need for GUWHATTA (Growing Up With HIV And Transitioning To Adulthood) workshops, and create a support group to advocate for better support from the government.
  2. Advocacy work with the institutions to improve the quality of life of CLHIV living there.
  3. 2 GUWHATTA workshops have been conducted with ALHIV living in institutions. 62 ALHIV across 5 children homes participated in these workshops. 2 more such workshops would be conducted during this year to reach out to another 60 ALHIV living in children homes.
  4. Annual meet of GUWHATTA participants from this year would be conducted at the end of the project year.  





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