Kahi Patra

The play is based on original letters written by a wife of one of our patients in the pre ART era. These letters tell a story of love, faith, frustration and courage and bring out the complexities of human relationship. These personal narratives vividly express that the impact of AIDS is beyond just physical health and fear of death but is a life changing event in itself.
Though the journey of the wife was fraught with challenges, she could gather courage to deal with them and give a different meaning to her life. These letters through the play emphasize that while understanding the AIDS epidemic it is not enough to ask the question “how many are affected by the disease?” but it is essential to also ask “how the disease has changed the lives of those affected?” In this way it remains relevant not only in the post ART era, but also for people who are not infected by HIV.  

Director: Dr. Sameer Kulkarni

Cast: Ms. Savita Prabhune

Manuspanache Diwas

Manuspanache Diwas’ is not a play but a theatrical presentation. It is a dialogue between a couple about their lives, their relationship, the discovery of their HIV infection when the woman is pregnant and their journey through the pregnancy. The skit brings forth some social and cultural issues related to sexuality, infection and prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. The technical aspects of the process like HIV testing, prophylactic medicines, chances of transmission have also been included in the play with great subtlety.
This play is used in training workshops as an introduction to the issue of mother to child transmission of HIV and its prevention. The play communicates with the emotional side of the participants which motivates them to take in the finer aspects of the training more openly.
This play was created as part of the Pediatric HIV program and was used for the first time to sensitize gynecologists and pediatricians in the district of Solapur.

Director: Dr. Sameer Kulkarni

Cast:  Mr. Dhiresh Joshi

         Ms. Savita Prabhune



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