Maharashtra solar feeder

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Notes on solar feeder projects in Maharashtra

  1. Capacity requisitioned by both MSEDCL and MSPGCL shown in the summary tab excludes the capacity that was re-tendered on account of poor response from developers or due to MERC directing the procurement agency for negotiation of tariffs with developers. For example, MSEDCL floated a tender for procurement of 1400 MW in 2018 but only got bids for 180 MW. Given the poor response from the developers, MSEDCL floated the tender for 1400 MW a second time. This tender received bids for 1,170 MW, but the commission did not approve 1,160 MW of this capacity as the bid prices were deemed to be on the higher side. Therefore, to meet the balance capacity, MSEDCL floated the tender for 1,350 MW in August 2019. This time, only one bid of 5 MW was received. Hence, for the dashboard, capacity requisitioned has been reported as only 1,400 MW for these three separate tenders.
  2. For MSPGCL, the capacity filed for regulatory approval appears more than the capacity requisitioned. This is mainly due to adjustments for re-requisitioned capacity as noted below. For example, the procurement agency floated a tender for 200 MW under Phase-I. While it filed 150 MW for approval, only 16 MW was approved . As per the commission’s direction, MSPGCL tendered the balance 184 MW in March 2019 and subsequently filed the same for approval before MERC in January 2020. Therefore, a total of 150+184= 334 MW was filed for approval against 200 MW requisitioned.
  3. For more details about the solar agriculture feeder framework and its benefits, along with MERC orders in this regard please visit, Solar feeder projects in Maharashtra.