Girish Sant Memorial Fellowship 2018

Abhishek Punetha has been awarded the Girish Sant Memorial Fellowship for 2018.

Abhishek completed his Masters in Public Policy and Governance from Azim PremjI University, Bengaluru. He did his bachelors in Poitical Science, Economics and English literature from Kumaun University, Uttarkhand.

His research interest lies within the domain of Law, Society and Culture. He has been actively engaged with 'Culture of Reading' campaign run by 'Aarambh' in Uttarakhand.

For the fellowship, the theme of his research is 'Regulatory Governance of Hydro power Development in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh: The Way Forward'. He intends to engage with CAG reports related to hydropower development along with various other project specific reports to analyse the endemic issues which pester.


Memorial Activities

Girish Sant Memorial Annual Event, 2019

A Panel Discussion on
Role of Civil Society Organizations in shaping Public Policy and Discourse

For a democracy to be vibrant, it is essential that citizens and civil society organizations play a significant role in shaping public policy and discourse to enhance public interest. They can do so by providing policy insights and inputs based on reasoned analysis, building public discourse around relevant topics, mobilising people and opinions, undertaking direct actions and being critical observers of policy design and implementation. Different organisations may adopt different strategies and approaches towards these goals but all of them serve an important function in a democracy.

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