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Quality of Service of Distribution Utilities – Need for End to End Commitment

Author(s): Shantanu Dixit, Sreekumar N Publication Date: October, 2005

Prayas Occasional Report – 1/2005. This report, reviews the Quality of Service (QoS) process of Indian distribution utilities, especially in the post Electricity Act scenario. It gives an overview of the QoS process consisting of the Grievance Redressal Forum, Ombudsman and Standards of Performance regulations. As many as 18 states (of the 28) have finalised regulations on grievance forum and 11 states on standards of performance. Details of the QoS process in the state of Andhra Pradesh as a case study is given, followed by a comparative study of 11 states. While appreciating this step of laying down a system of quantifying, monitoring and providing avenues for consumer intervention in the QoS of the utility, the report makes many suggestions to make this process more effective. These include making the information related to current levels of performance available in the public domain, rigorous monitoring of utility performance and involvement of consumer groups to evolve the best practices. All these are possible only if the utilities and regulatory commissions demonstrate end-to-end commitment in the QoS process and consumer groups build capabilities to make effective interventions.

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