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Awareness and Action for Better Electricity Service - An agenda for the community

Author(s): Tejal Kanitkar, Sreekumar N Publication Date: January, 2008

b1This booklet provides a framework for intervention towards improving electricity service to the poor. It gives an outline of the issues that the poor face and explains the key provisions in the Electricity Act 2003, National Policies and State Regulatory systems that can be used to address these issues. It hopes to support the efforts of leaders of mass organizations working with the poor and equip them to address their problems in the electricity sector. It includes tackling the immediate issues faced by the poor as consumers (delay in getting connection, high bills, harassment etc) as well as the broad issues of the sector that are important to them as citizens. This booklet also hopes to make the utility staff, regulatory staff, sector analysts and policy makers sensitive to the issues in the electricity sector that affect the poor.

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