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Marathi Booklet: “Veej Grahakanchya Mahiteesathi” - Legal provisions, rights and procedure for electricity service

Author(s): Ravindra Kadam, Shantanu Dixit Publication Date: April, 2008

Electricity Act 2003 empowered State Regulatory Commission to make rules and regulations for improving electricity service delivery to consumers. Based on these provisions many SERCs have prepared regulations such as Standards of Performance and Supply code, which have many consumer friendly provisions. Unfortunately, utilities as well as regulatory commissions have not done enough to create awareness amongst consumers about such provisions. This booklet is an attempt to fill this gap and empower consumers by creating awareness about regulations, consumer’s rights and duties. This booklet explains, in simple language, how different provisions in regulations can be effectively used for better electricity service by the utility. Each chapter discusses one issue in detail (e.g. getting new connection, metering, billing, quality of supply, complaint solving etc.) – the problem and the procedures, rules and regulations that consumers can use to solve this problem. While explaining the different issues, this Marathi booklet provides a step by step guide for small electricity consumer especially residential and commercial consumers to address their grievances. We are hopeful that this book will be useful for activists, organizations and consumer groups.

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