Consumer Information

We have provided some information and resources useful for electricity consumers. This includes guides, tools, audio-visuals and useful links.

Audio visuals

Electricity complaints: This is a short video on the common complaints faced by the small consumers and the method of addressing these complaints. It is available in multiple languages and different formats, suitable for computer, projector and social media.

English Computer Projector Social media
Hindi Computer Projector Social media
Marathi Computer Projector Social media
Telugu Computer Projector Social media

Guides and Booklets

Demanding Electricity Service: A Guide for the Community Activist – English, 2015
Demanding Electricity Service: A Guide for the Community Activist – Hindi 2015
10 Questions to ask about Electricity Tariffs, 2014
Electricity for All: Ten Ideas towards Turning Rhetoric into Reality - A Discussion Paper (English and Hindi), 2010
Awareness and Action for Better Electricity Service - An agenda for the community - English, 2008
Consumer's Guide for Electricity Service - Information on consumer related rules and regulations, 2010
Marathi Booklet: “Veej Grahakanchya Mahiteesathi” - Legal provisions, rights and procedure for electricity service, 2008
Proceedings of National Workshop on Power Sector Reforms and Regulation in India, 2007
Alternative Power Planning, 2007
Know the Electricity Act 2003 (of India), 2006
Electricity Act 2003 - possible impacts -Marathi booklet, 2004
Electricity Sector Primer in Marathi, "Tujhee Tu Jaanre Oorja", 2009
A Primer on Power Sector: Know your Power – A Citizen’s Primer on the Electricity Sector: Second Edition, 2006
Quality of Service of Distribution Utilities – Need for End to End Commitment, 2005
India Power sector Reform Update reports, 2001-2005
Privatization or Democratization The Key to the Crises in the Electricity Sector - The Case of Maharashtra, 2001
Prayas Focus Event on Power Sector Reforms, 2000
Crisis in Maharashtra power sector: Marathi book, 2000
Regaining Rationality through Democratisation: A Critical Review of Multilateral Development Banks’ (MDBs’) Power Sector Activities in India, 1999
The Enron Story: Controversial Issues and the Struggle, 1997


RE Tariff and Financial Analysis Tool Version 2
Revenue and Tariff Analysis for Electric Utilities (RATE) model for Andhra Pradesh
simplE-Check: Simple Calculators for Electricity Sector Analysis

Useful links

Ministry of Power
Central Electricity Authority – For reports on power sector
National Power Portal, with reports on reliability of supply
India Energy Dashboard
Renewable Energy Data Portal
UDAY – status of Distribution Companies financial bail-out program
Central Electricity Regulatory Commission
Forum of Regulators
Bureau of Energy Efficiency - ,
DISCOMs toll free numbers for consumer complaints
Bijli Bachao
Rural electrification status and plans