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Resources and Livelihoods (ReLi) Group

The Resources and Livelihoods (ReLi) Group of Prayas was formed in November 2000. The overall goal has been to make the theme of ‘livelihood security for poor and vulnerable,’ the central theme of discourse, policies, and practice in the field of development.

In recent years, the group has also initiated work for promoting the perspective of ‘people-centered governance’ in government policy-making and public administration. This perspective aims at increasing influence of citizens on governance of the mainstream agencies by bringing in transparency, accountability, and public participation.

The main objective, which guided the activities of the group, has been to provide knowledge support and, thus, strengthen civil society initiatives and organizations, including grassroots-level, practice-oriented organizations.  The group has been conducting a diverse set of activities towards achieving its objective. These include: research and analysis, policy advocacy, awareness building and campaigning, training and capability building, information dissemination, facilitating collective processes for deliberation and consultation, and field-based experimentation and demonstration of alternative technologies.

The major substantive areas and themes include: Independent Regulation in the Water Sector, Urban Water Systems and Reforms, National and Maharashtra Rural Employment Guarantee Schemes, Governance in Disaster Management, Advocacy on Policy and Governance Related Issues, Sustainable Livelihoods, Sustainable Cultivation (Organic Farming) for Poor, Development Discourse and Governance Discourse, Good Practices in Government Schemes and Programs


Initiative in System Dynamics

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