About Prayas

PRAYAS (Initiatives in Health, Energy, Learning and Parenthood) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization based in Pune, India.

Members of Prayas are professionals working to protect and promote public interest in general and the interests of disadvantaged sections of society in particular.

Prayas - Initiatives in Health, Energy, Learning and Parenthood, is a not-for-profit trust based at Pune, India, registered under the Mumbai Charitable Trusts Act, 1950. We currently work in two areas, viz. Energy, and Health. At Prayas, we apply our professional knowledge and skills to understand the issues affecting society in these areas, and strive to translate this understanding to strategic and sensitive responses.

Underlying these responses is our belief that, if equipped with adequate information, sound analyses, and necessary skills, the disadvantaged section of society can tackle their problems and shape their own future.

Our activities - research, policy analysis, information dissemination, policy and regulatory engagement in public interest, skill development and provision of medical and counseling support – are geared to the objectives of informing public discourse, equipping the disadvantaged and facilitating people’s own action.

Prayas is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board comprises of social activists and researchers with considerable experience. We are sustained by donations from individuals and research grants from charitable foundations. We comply with all the regulatory reporting requirements under Indian law, and these submissions can be accessed from here.

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Prayas consists of four groups as listed below. Of these, the Energy and Health groups are currently active


Comprehensive, analysis-based approach to further public interest in the energy sector with the goal of democratising decision making in the energy sector through research and intervention in policy and regulatory areas; and offering training and support to civil society groups.


Focuses on public health issues such as HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, preventable cancers, and health impacts of climate change through provision of non-discriminatory, quality, affordable health services; research to build evidence; community empowerment by taking scientific knowledge and evidence to communities; and evidence informed advocacy.


Focus on issues related to livelihood security for the poor and vulnerable by promoting the perspective of people-centred governance in policy making and public administration and increasing transparency, accountability and public participation in governance processes.


Alternative Ideas in Education & Parenting

girish sant


Girish Sant was one of the co-founders of Prayas and a founder-coordinator of the Prayas (Energy Group). He was a noted energy analyst held in high esteem as an energy policy commentator, and contributed extensively to shape India's energy policy over the 1990s and 2000s. He unfortunately passed away at a young age in February 2012. This section is a tribute to Girish.