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Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention Services

Cervical cancer is the cancer of the mouth of the uterus. In majority of the developed countries, there are organized programs for cervical cancer screening and prevention. It was estimated that in India in 2012 around 1,23,000 new cases of cervical cancer were detected and there were 67,000 deaths due to cervical cancer. This accounts for 184 deaths every day in India due to this preventable cancer.

It is now established that cervical cancer is caused by long term infection with one or more high-risk types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). About 50 to 70 per cent of all women get infected with HPV at least once during their life time. However majority of them clear this infection by the natural immune mechanism of their body. Those who are unable to clear this infection may develop abnormal cells in the cervix and are at risk of developing cervical cancer 15-20 years later. This long period provides us an opportunity to detect women who have this infection with HPV or who have abnormal cells. There are no symptoms if there is infection with HPV or if there are abnormal cells in the cervix. But these abnormalities can be detected if a woman gets herself examined.

Thus, it is recommended that all women above the age of thirty get screened for cervical cancer regularly. If these abnormalities are detected and treated appropriately, cervical cancer can be prevented. This examination is simple, it is like any gynaecological examination and it requires about 5 minutes.

Two HPV vaccines are now widely available in the world that prevent infection of some high-risk types of HPV and are highly effective if given to adolescent girls before they start their sexual activity. Cervical cancer screening and treatment facilities (cervical cancer screening services using visual inspection of the cervix using Acetic Acid (VIA), VILI, HPV testing, Colposcopy, biopsy, treatment using cold coagulation or LEEP) and HPV vaccination are available at extremely reasonable costs at Prayas.

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