HIV Care Prayas Laboratory Services

Prayas Laboratory Services

Treatment of HIV requires regular laboratory investigations for ensuring efficacy of the treatment as well as monitoring adverse effects of medicines. In 2007 Prayas Health Group established its own laboratory to provide affordable, in-house investigations to patients of Amrita Clinic. We provide most of the essential tests at costs substantially lower than commercial laboratories. Prayas laboratory is well equipped and is managed by qualified and experienced staff. Apart from routine investigations we are doing more than 4000 CD4 cell counts annually, saving a huge amount of expenses (to the tune of 2,000,000 INR annually) for our patients. Prayas has also established a modern molecular diagnostic laboratory in collaboration with Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune where HIV viral loads and HIV DNA-PCR (for early infant diagnosis) tests are available. 

Services offered at Prayas Lab

  1. HIV testing – Testing for diagnosis of HIV. 
  2. Routine laboratory investigations – Hemogram, Hepatitis B, VDRL, Liver Function Tests, Renal Function Tests, Blood Sugar Levels, Urine routine, ESR, FNAC.
  3. CD4/CD8 count- For monitoring the disease and efficacy of medication.  
  4. HIV RNA PCR (HIV viral load) - To understand the volume of HIV in the blood of an infected individual.  
  5. HIV DNA PCR (For early infant diagnosis of HIV) - To detect actual existence of HIV in the blood. The test is generally used for infant diagnosis.

Additional Tests 

Cervical Cancer Screening  


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