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Alternative Power Planning

Author(s): Prayas (Energy Group), Kalpvriksh Publication Date: September, 2007

The power sector in India is faced with many challenges. While close to half of the country does not have access to even basic electricity services, there is a comparatively larger quantity of electricity wasted due to neglect and inefficiency by the other half. Even as we focus our efforts on finding financial and fuel resources to provide more electricity, primarily for the fast growing economy, the serious social and environmental impacts of the power sector are a major cause for concern. To address these concerns and ensure a sustainable way forward, we need to understand the source of these problems, explore solutions for the same, and construct a model that would enable an equitable path for development. This 30 page booklet in a ‘question and answer’ format is an attempt at understanding the issues involved in planning for the power sector. It provides a basic view of the components within the sector and proceeds to outline a possible alternative to the current model of planning in the country. This booklet is a capacity building endeavor of Prayas Energy Group and Kalpavriksh Environmental Action Group. The idea is to aid consumer organisations, individuals and activists, in understanding an alternative approach to power planning.

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