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The Enron Controversy: Techno-Economic Analysis and Policy Implications

Author(s): Girish Sant, Shantanu Dixit, Subodh Wagle Publication Date: September, 1995

This is a compilation of five articles (by Girish Sant, Shantanu Dixit, and Subodh Wagle) addressing different facets of the Enron Controversy, published in the form of a booklet in June 1995 and again in September 1995. Apart from the techno-economic analysis of the PPA between DPC and MSEB, these articles cover issues such as roots of the Enron Controversy, alternative options that should have been explored before opting for projects like Enron, and most importantly, investigating Enron’s claims of providing development assistance to India. The articles in this compilation include:

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Dabhol Power Company and Maharashtra State Electricity Board: Structure and Implications.

The Enron Deal: Why the first stage should be cancelled?The Enron Controversy: Alternative Options For Electricity Generation in Maharashtra

MNCs: New Development Messiahs and Old Justifications

Roots of Enron Controversy: Fundamental Ills of Power Sector

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